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Self-published photobook by Kaitlyn Church

Limited edition of 25 copies.

Steiglitz is a small Australian town located in the Brisbane Ranges National Park. The town was established and famed for gold during the second half of the nineteenth century. These rich yields attracted many miners, families, and business owners and by 1893 the town was home to an estimated 1500 residents. Tragically Steiglitz’s downfall began with the tragic ‘Black Thursday’ bush fires of 1896 that destroyed many homes and valuable equipment surrounding The United Albion Mine. This led to the town’s population shrinking to 500 by 1897. Although gold did bring some financial success, life in Steiglitz was never easy and not suitable for ‘featherbed diggers’.

Its main street is now a dirt track with few buildings remaining, and its population stands at just seven passionate individuals. This project documents the skeletal remains of what once was a bustling township with visual hints of its former productions and dwellings. The overarching subject matter is how nature has reclaimed the landscape of Steiglitz.

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