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by Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert
published with Armida Press

Before the invention of the portable camera people behaved, moved and interacted differently.

Tourist choreographies have evolved, and are still evolving, alongside changes in camera availability and technology. Photographer and photography theorist Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert explores tourist landscapes from New York to Cairo as performance spaces where the use of the camera has forced specific choreographies and behaviors upon tourists.



Exhibition view, Argo Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2013

With Stylianou-Lambert’s deadpan sense of humor and her unerring eye for the critical detail that brings a photograph to life, “Tourists Who Shoot” is a sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant reassessment of what it means to be a tourist.


Exhibition view,  “Artists at Work”,
Smithsonian Institute, Ripley Center,
Washington DC, USA, 2015


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