At Home With The Furries


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by Tom Broadbent
published with Stay Free Publishing

With essays by photography gallerist and curator Laura Noble
and Uncle Kage, Chairman of Anthrocon, one of the biggest furry conventions in the world.

Spanning his ten-year engagement with the British furry fandom subculture, Tom Broadbent’s At Home With The Furries takes a fluffy, scaly and feathery peek at a community of people who happen to identify as animal characters.

Featuring Syrrus, a fox and Lupestripe, a wolf having a barbecue at home in Leeds, as shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018, and Smirnoff, a husky wolf from the book, 1001 Photographs You Must See Before You Die (Paul Lowe), all the photographs are taken in the furries’ homes, gardens and favorite local haunts.

“Tom Broadbent’s exploration of the Furries is sensitive, witty and informative. It’s all you need to gain an insight into this fascinating subculture whose only limits are that of their imaginations. If only everyday life was as much fun as the pages of this book”

— Laura Noble
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