Photobook publishing workshops, webinars, lessons and useful content on photobook & zine projects self-publishing. Gain the confidence to act, required skills and experienced advice to turn your work into noticeable printed matter.

Learn to edit, design and publish your photobook & zine projects

Run your photobook publishing workshops or a webinar and earn by sharing your knowledge.

We will get everything arranged, promote it intensively across our media channels including a newsletter, social networks and partners to attract the students, help to design a program and to run the events (including the necessary technical infrastructure, working with students feedback). Just send us an email or use a chat in the bottom right.

Photobook publishing workshops we are looking for should be available online, fit to the wider audience without prior extensive knowledge or experiencing in book or zine publishing. The goal is to create an engaging experience based on conversation, theory, practice and feedback.

Any topics related to the medium are welcomed: from conception and developing the photo project, to any stage of working with a publication.

Right now we are actively looking for the following topics:

  • Book printing: to cover all the aspects and insights about the printing stage. Experienced printers and/or studios.
  • Bookbinding: types, methods. Theory and practical experience.
  • Editing a project: concept, selection and sequencing. Building the narrative.
  • Photobook project promotion and distribution.
  • Working with publishers.

Have a look at the example of Online zine-making workshop by Zoopark Publishing collective.
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