Michel Mazzoni (BE)

Areas of expertise: Photobook Editors & Curators
Location: Brussels, BE


I am a visual artist living in Brussels. I have edited a few books, about ten.

I prepare an image selection, I think about what I want according to my work. Then, as far as the graphic design goes, we meet with the graphic designer and think together on what will correspond best in relation to the images. I work with Manu Blondiau (Neutre.be) in Brussels, and, for my two last books, Luc Derycke studio in Ghent.

I do my impressions at Cassochrome in Waregem (BE) when it is more than 150 copies. Otherwise for small self-published prints, I work with Repro nl.

Also, for the distribution I work with Motto Distribrtion Berlin for the international. I also visit local bookstores to present my books.


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