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Free Open Call (CLOSED) + Free zine-making livestream: Feb 25, 19:00 (Berlin time, UTC+1)

The call is closed. After our experimental open call and online zine-making live stream we’ve had last Thursday Zoopark guys went for behind-the-scenes work to finalize the Zine.

The work-in-progress video is here. Order your zine copy above.



We all are tired of the pandemic which holds us at home for a year, but all (almost all) we understand how important it is to keep the curve of the new cases low-flat and our state of mind space-high. So, together with Zoopark we’re going to make your homestaying less boring. And you’ll help us!

Here’s how:

  • You send us up to 3 photos that reflect your state of mind being trapped at home or just living in the suddenly radically changed world.
  • We choose up to 70 photos and make a zine of it in a live broadcast mode.
  • While Zoopark guys are working on a zine in InDesign, we follow the process and discuss, give suggestions and have fun (sign up for a talk via the form below).
  • Submission and seats at the talk are free.
  • If you want to get a copy of this fast-cooked zine, add it to a cart above — $15 including p&p.

The call

Deadline for sending photos Tuesday, Feb 23, 23:00 (Berlin time —UTC+1).

Free yourself, take it unserious, silly, or literally dumb. Don’t shy to show truly yourself, your state of mind and your messy habitat, show tears and depression, but through the ironic lense. Everyone is tired now of the situation, so let’s at least try to do something together and create a beautiful object trying to make some fun too.

Relaxed submission requirements:

  • 3 photos max, highest possible resolution, but not more than 3Mb each, named 1_name_surname.jpeg;
  • no genre constraint: shoot your cohabitants’ happy portraits, still lifes from annual stocks of toilet paper, cliché street scenes made of your daughter’s Barbies and Kens (or some other scenes with them) or take macro photos of your pale skin missing for the sun.

No restrictions while the content does not harm anyone. Please stay adequate (no matter how hard it is).

  • Use the form to submit your photos.
  • The same for booking a seat at the show (just skip submission).
  • Want a copy — check the appropriate box.
  • Then you’ll get all the details in our automated reply.

Artists of selected works are to be rewarded

  • 10% promo code for all products at The Phooks for a year.
  • 20% discount for a copy of Zine therapy.

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