Under the Apple Tree (signed)


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Photobook by Regina Anzenberger

For her book project Under the Apple Tree photographer Regina Anzenberger invited her family members to portrait sessions and condensed the resulting works into an album. The pictures were taken with a Rolleiflex camera, mostly outdoors, in gardens that refer to the apple tree in the title. Analog technology is a crucial element of the series. Today, it is an anachronism, just as the photo album or the family portrait genre itself is. All the small steps that are necessary for the analog process: inserting the film, focusing, rewinding – and the mystery of an image that is created without being immediately visible – contribute to its ritual character.  The eponymous apple tree is both an actual setting, anchored in the photographer’s biography, and a mythical place: a place of longing to which there is no return and which is not dissimilar to photography, which always powerfully evokes a present that is always already past.

  • Photographs: Regina Anzenberger
  • Text: Regina Anzenberger, Fabian Knierim
  • Publisher: AnzenbergerEdition
  • 68 pages
  • Pictures: 35 black and white photographs
  • Year: November 2022
  • Comments: Embossed hardback with tip-in, Japanese binding, 20 x 24 cm, edition of 300 copies. Paper: Pergraphica Natural Rough and IQ Color Style Recycling Apple (endpaper).
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Dimensions 24 × 20 × 2 cm


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