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Self-published photobook by Olesia Kim

“Tobolsk used to be the Siberian capital, but today the city is famous because it has the largest petrochemical factory in Russia. For photographers, the city has another surprising story. The b/w photo of Tobolsk city was sold for $1.7million dollars and now is the fourth on the list of most expensive images sold in the world. The photo was taken by a former Russian president Dmitrii Medvedev, during his helicopter flight above the city.


I didn’t just want to see the city from a bird’s-eye view. I was really interested in experiencing the urban spaces with the help of my camera to see the routines of Tobolsk locals.

Imagine an early morning when an ordinary citizen in Tobolsk is walking to a grocery store as a part of his daily routine.

He is crossing a wooden floating bridge over the Irtysh River when at just the same moment, in another part of the world, a rocket is being launched to Mars.

This concept has made me restless.”

“I show the city of Tobolsk over a period of 3 years from 2016 linking photos with the most important news in the world.”

The book is 200×256 mm, 168 pages, 730 g, in softcover with lamination and convex orange letters.
Edition of 300 copies, printed in August 2019, Moscow city, Russia.

The book already has three awards:
Fuam Dummy Book Awards (Istanbul), 2019
Рhotobook Festival in Nida, Lithuania, 2019
Рhotobookzineprintpressfest, Russia, 2019

ISBN 978-5-600-02505-9

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