The Tired City


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self-published by Max Zhiltsov

This photo book is the first publication project by Max Zhiltsov depicting Cyprus in a harsh, honest way.

Max says:
“This series of photos is dedicated to Limassol and my first impression of the city when I moved to Cyprus in August 2017.

Black and white photographs made on film represent Limassol, and its fatigue is driven by controversial city growth. Real and authentic photography of the city, an honest look at its life from the backyards.

Would it be too “dark” or just honest — it depends on how biased is your point of view.”

“I’m one of these “job immigrants” who came to the island to work for an IT company. While being happy and grateful for the chance to live an islander’s life, I see how deeply controversial this uprising immigration trend is for everything local: people, culture, and economics.

The city is flooded with Russians and CIS people, most of them speak neither Greek nor English well enough to interact with locals, but there are a lot of them; they have money, create demand, and are trying to set their rules.

Whether this flow of new settlers is good for economics or not? What’s going to happen with cultural heritage and traditions? Will locals get any value from this hospitable politics?

I’m not going to answer these questions with this book, but it is to express my impressions through the views of the city. Free of any people — main actors on the scene, but full of fatigue brought here by this “game.”


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