The Terrestrials


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Photobook by Giorgio Boulasidis and Andreas Spinos

The aim of the book is to observe the mutual relationships between modern people, dismantling thus prejudices and stereotypes, and also to promote the development of the humanistic perception and of a wider global ethic.

Until the idea to create along with Andreas an anti-racist photographic document was born, drawing on our material, especially our wanderings around the world, there was nothing to suggest the size and the surprise we faced. The material proved to be huge. Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle were joined and began to demonstrate the global mosaic of our effort which we gained through hard work and cost. A quick count shows that we needed to travel about 280.000 kilometers, meaning three — quarters of a trip from the earth to the moon.

This book contains 170 photographs from 26 countries and 71 different places in 4 continents, collected the last 21 years. We were impressed by the numbers but what surprised us more was the harmony of the images, captured in different parts of the world, at various times and by different photographers. The recording of people starring in our book shattered any implication of inequality based on color, religion, or costume. I could dare to describe it as a photographic thorough study of anthropological interest in relation to their conditions of living.

Dimensions: 23×25 cm
Pages: 108
Images: 170
Paper: velvet 140 gr, softcover velvet 320 gr
Weight: 0.50 kg

Photographs: Giorgio Boulasidis, Andreas Spinos

Graphic Design: Giorgio Boulasidis

Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, visual artist
Dora Evangelou, archaeologist-museologist
Andreas Spinos, photographer
Giorgio Boulasidis, photographer

Languages: English, Greek

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