The Moons of Saturn


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signed photobook by Frank Rodick and Nancy Brokaw

A dialogue in word and image, The Moons of Saturn monograph is a collaboration between photographer Frank Rodick and writer Nancy Brokaw. These copies for sale are signed by Frank Rodick. 

Created in 2021, the suite of images that forms the backbone of this monograph reflect on the human condition in extremis, particularly during the time of Covid. Using a foundation of vernacular photographs—of both intimates and strangers—that anchor the constructed images, each picture may be understood as a confrontation of the hidden reality of life in the face of death: dissolution, loss, pain, and tragedy.

In 2022, Rodick shared the series with Brokaw, a long-time interpreter of his work. Her commentary, which evolved from her correspondence with Rodick, explores the intellectual roots of the images as well as the personal impact of contemplating them.

Frank Rodick is a Canadian photo-based artist whose work explores issues of acute subjectivity and emotion. His images have been exhibited in museums worldwide, as well as featuring in numerous permanent collections. In 2021 his series The Moons of Saturn was named the overall winner of the 16th Annual Pollux Awards and received first prize in the Fine Arts and Portrait categories. For more information see

Nancy Brokaw is an independent critic and writer based in Philadelphia who focuses on contemporary art—photography, video, installation, new media— and about whatever else catches her interest. Her essays have appeared in Ways of Walking, The Photo Review, Exposure, Good Game, Wild River Review, Photography International, Art in India, and other publications. For more information, see

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