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by Wuthipol Ujathammarat

2nd edition, released in 2018.

Street—Stream is a Bangkok-inspired photography rhythm that explores an uncontrollable relationship between image and image; much like the ever-changing city streets of Bangkok where things are often chaotic and uncontrollable. A collection of street photographs were chosen at random, collectively sequenced and then remixed into groups. The original meaning of each photograph is interesting disregard and replaced by new possibilities.

The artist of this work also offers the readers an opportunity to experiment using the photographic cue cards attached to extend the narrative of the existing image series. This, in turn, creates and recreates a new stream of never-ending possibilities.

This particular work investigates the fascinating relationship between images within the series by using Bangkok as a relevant subject.

Its 1st edition (2017), though, was produced without binding i.e. pages left loose—simply encouraging the readers to recreate the work and experiment with an uncontrollable image relationship.

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