Still Looking Good


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Photobook by Alice Connew
Published by GLORIA Books

Still Looking Good by Alice Connew is a finalist in the 2019 Australia & New Zealand Photobook Award.
Listed as one of the Best Antipodean Photobooks 2019.

Edition of 300 copies, signed and numbered.

Still Looking Good is a triadic collaboration between siblings Oliver Connew, dancer and choreographer, and Alice Connew, photographer. The project brings together dance, sound, and a visual aesthetic that are drawn from and reference pervasive socio-political forces that organize the modern human activity, as understood by the artists.

Originally presented by Oliver as a performative piece titled Things That Move Me, Oliver invited Alice to aid him in reimagining the concepts as a short film, and Still Looking Good was born. The book was initiated by Alice and concludes the collaboration.

Featuring text adapted from Things That Move Me (2017) by Oliver Connew
Images and design by Alice Connew
Printed in Lithuania
Hardcover, 88 pages
105×148 mm, upright
38 color photographs

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