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Photobook by Silas Bahr

In Schmidrüti, a small village outside Zürich, lives the only person who is in contact with aliens. That is at least what “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier claims. As proof he serves an extensive collection of photographs and videos, which show spaceships and other traces of the contacts in unusually high quality. Despite extensive criticism concern the authenticity of Meier’s photographs and other materials, his followers around the world insist on their authenticity. Through photography, Meier has constructed a fictive reality that, as a coherent knowledge system, provides his believers answers and solutions to their urgent real questions and problems.

10cm x 25cm
Printed on Metapaper Extrarough 175gsm
Handbound, Hardcover
80 pages with various inlays and inserts
Linen cover with hand-printed silk screen print
Awarded the Silver Medal at German Photobook Prize 2021

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 2 cm



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