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Photobook by Kamil Śleszyński
Published with Galeria im. Sleńdzińskich w Białymstoku

Urszula Śleszyńska / Prologue:
“Red on the nails, red on the toilet paper, red on the panties.
Emptiness in my head. Panic. After all, you’ve only just appeared. You’re only 6 weeks.
Quick words: we’re going to the hospital, I’m bleeding.
His frantic gaze.
Rapid decision — to the hospital ward.
Blue gown. So transparent, I felt X-rayed through.
Hospital, creaking bed. He sent back home and I forced to rely only on myself.
At least I had you under my heart.
I’ve never been as afraid as that night.
The room was full of women and every one of them was alone. Only not me. I had you.
Others weren’t that lucky. I felt embarrassed to be so pleased with your beating heart.”

Robin Titchener:
“Kamil’s sensitive handling of the images convey the couple’s uncertainties and hopes perfectly, but as in Wolka the poetic (and beautifully translated) prose serves to heighten and sharpen them.

It connects and clarifies, it animates and oxygenates.

It is the umbilicus.”

400 copies (200 PL, 200 ENG)
197×247 mm, 68 pages, 31 color images
Hardcover, coptic binding

Photos: Kamil Śleszyński
Text: Urszula Śleszyńska
Design: Natalia Mikołajczuk
Artistic supervision: Agnieszka Pajączkowska
Cooperation: Krzysztof Pacholak
Publisher: Galeria im. Sleńdzińskich w Białymstoku, Białystok 2020

ISBN 978-83-64413-47-6

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