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Self-published photobook by José Bacelar

Edition of 500 copies, signed and numbered

“Porto is a place of memories. I’ve got some roots here. It’s a place I like, a place where I always return. I have been photographing the city, family, friends, and acquaintances. I take pictures of them, as far as we meet. Somehow, they all live in Porto.

I come across places that have an effective effect on me. I captured them with my camera. They reflect what I feel, how I feel, what I am, and where I’m going. And I’ve been wandering a lot in the city. Porto, the city of wandering, of passions, and life meaning. I get lost in the city that I know and in the city that I keep discovering. I keep re-encounter old friends and acquaintances and people I know, I meet new people. Recently I’ve stopped seeing the city as a whole. I began to see it as fragments, fragments of my identity, of how I feel. I am part of Porto, as much as I am part of any city.

The journey, the room, the two in bed, the strong look of closeness, the face behind the buildings, the friendship and unconditional love, the dog, the children of others, hers and mine, the wings of the Angel, she’s asleep, I look in the mirror, a hug, a touch on the hand, the trees, the palm trees, marks on the body and on the rock, the memories of home…”

Photographs by José Bacelar
Text by Eduardo Paz Barroso (English / Portuguese)
Design by Silvia Teixeira

Clothbound hardcover
92 pages, 46 b/w illustrations
168×220 mm

ISBN 978-989-20-6790-2

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