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Magazine by Ugo Grandolini

The first in a series of 30+1 volumes each dedicated to a photographer producing artistic nude art.

Produced on-demand trough Amazon, the series was blocked January 2023 as it does not follow their “guidelines”.

I still have some copies that are now available to purchase and now offering them for sale here including an extra fine art print (21×29 cm.) of the cover image. The print is produced on Canson Baryta Photographique II, numbered, signed and supplied with its certificate of authenticity.

The book is also signed and numbered in the first (internal) page.

nudeartzine is a project I started in 2021 with this Manifesto:

“Why we created this project?

We believe that nude is not porn and that anyone should be able to publish her/his images without any censorship.

Nowadays photos are mostly viewed on a screen – sometimes even a very small one! We believe this is a big limitation which prevents photography from fully expressing itself as a form of art and, at the same time, mislead people to a proper culture of photography.

The opportunity to offer series of nude art images printed on paper through low-cost publications, is our way to promote and support the culture of printed photography, an ideal that we see as attainable even in times of technology, or perhaps because of it.”




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