No Escape from Paradise


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Photobook by Eva Brunner
Published by Edition Babev

In the pictures of Eva Brunner, the garden of Eden presents itself as a labyrinthine place, a hallucination between naturalness and artificiality, separated from the earthly but yet grounded again in the human body. Can we escape from this eternal happiness? Or are we captivated in the permanent search for happiness? Dazzled by beauty of frequently mystical apparition, we find ourselves immersed in a world which no longer follows any logic of space and time. In a permanent alternation of perspectives and moods of light, photographs of paradisiacal landscapes or enigmatic body presentations are merging with traces of civilization to form a surreal stream of imagery.  [Text: Wolfgang Zurborn]

Swiss born Eva was a masterclass student of Arno Fischer at the Ostkreuzschule Berlin (2007-2011), followed by workshops with Anders Petersen, Sven Marquardt & Wolfgang Zurborn. Since 2006 she has been exhibiting her projects throughout Europe.

Photographs: Eva Brunner
Model: Bernhard Kempen
Text and Editing: Wolfgang Zurborn
Design: Matteo Peterlini

German /English
Hardcover with thread stitching
36 color photographs, 52 pages
Paper: Arctic Volume 170 g
Size: 30,7×23,5 cm
Edition of 300 copies
ISBN: 978-3-9822374-0-4



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