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Self-published photobook by Maryna Brodovska

Limited edition of 50 signed copies

My Dear Vira photobook — is a letter addressed to my childhood friend, who emigrated to the United States over 8 years ago. A nostalgic story of friendship and true love made as some kind of a photo-diary. New life circumstances emerge and our dear people disappear. With the illusion of communication and “friendship” with hundreds of strangers in social networks, we lose true intimate contact with those, who are truly important. In the project My Dear Vira I show the moments from real life: from the time, when I and Vira shared the room together in a student dormitory, till today when we leave our adult life in different counties, separately but still trying not to lose our connection, thanks to social networks and new ways of communication. The book is full of funny and dramatic moments and builds on contradictions and comparisons. Using bright graphic elements, stickers I invite the reader to immerse into a story and to recall his/her own emotions and memories about dear people, with whom the connection was lost.

Pages: 110
Size: 18×25 cm

The book is a finalist of:
Kassel Dummy Awards 2020
Aperture PhotoBook Awards 2020

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