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Photobook by Julia Mejnertsen
Published by Blankt Papir Press

From the artist:
“In the winter of 2017, I bought 45 canisters of negatives from an antique shop. The pictures span from 1929 to 1961 — a period that marks a historically important time for Denmark. Oscillating between the factual and the fictional, I tell the story of my great-grandfather, Mejnert Mejnertsen, and the discovery of his role during the German occupation of Denmark (1940–1945) and later the Cold War. Family photos of M.M. mixed with the pictures from the canisters blend true stories with made-up ones.

The physical book emulates an old Hollywood movie script. Hidden in the French folded pages you’ll find the entire script written out.”

French folded pages
Japanese paper (純白ロール / Junpaku rōru 56 kg)
A4 size (app. 21×29 cm)
90 pages
Inkjet-printed b/w photographs, color illustrations, and texts
Edition of 45 copies

As the cover color varies between caramel brown (pictured), dark brown, blue, and dusty green — please remark when ordering, if you have a favorite.

M.M. was on the Kassel Dummy Award shortlist in 2018 and was conceived with the help of Akina Books and Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo 2018.





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