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by Maël G. Lagadec
published by Babelfish

LUNAR — a photobook by Maël G. Lagadec:

“If the moon was able to see — and she sees — she would recognize her reflection in this terrestrial duo. The photography of these human incarnations, light as the ashes embellishing their bodies, is Maël G. Lagadec’s ode to the night star, ethereal and dense.

We sense the endless effort of Man and Woman in their attempt to transcend engulfing chthonian forces, and through the miracle of dance and the magic of movement, lift themselves to a verticality ever yearned for. The inevitable game of mirrors aside, the manner of Pierre-Noël Akosse and Chen-Wei Lee is different.

He, through a force built on the far edge of despair, encounters a humility that transforms him into the Creator himself, abidingly sculpting the unwavering tie between heaven and earth. Thereupon she picks up the trail, her ritualized movement inviting us into meditation.

Her journey inward progresses as a sacred ceremony where dance serves as the excuse for a timeless marriage between Earth’s creative forces and Woman given to honor them.

Man’s effort finds its finale when the moon dust unites with the flesh of Woman, illuminating its devastating frailty. As if they were treasure chests holding the essence of our home planet, the bodies of the dancers sacrifice Human, nude and true, to the Mother of mothers.

A poetic offering only the Moon knows the secret of, an offering that has become highly necessary in our modern landscape.”

— Luc Bigé

Photographs: Maël G. Lagadec
Dance: Pierre-Noël Akosse & Chen-Wei Lee
Text: Luc Bigé
Design: NNstudio
Printing: Snel

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