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Group Portfolio Review with dienacht Publishing [March 13]


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Group Portfolio Review with dienacht Publishing — Mar 13, 2–7 pm Berlin time (UCT+1)

Portfolio review offers an opportunity to present, question and get professional feedback on your body of work, be it a completed photo series, an ongoing documentary project, a body of work photographed over a certain period of time, (seemingly) miscellaneous photographs that you struggle to put together in whatever format (portfolio, book, exhibition, etc) you want.

More often than not it is quite challenging for a photographer to have a detached view on their work and to make an objective judgment. That’s where the mentors (as professional publishers and exhibitors) and other portfolio review members (as your direct audience and colleagues) will help to reflect with a fresh perspective on your work and to move it forward.

This online portfolio review format by dienacht Publishing combines individual review and group discussion, which allows participants not only to get individual professional feedback on their work but also to benefit from discovering and discussing other works, and a variety of mentors’ approaches to them.

Each participant will have a 30-minute session with Calin and Yana, devoted solely to the discussion of their work. Other participants will be able to fully follow and benefit from the discussion of other projects. Participants are also welcome to engage in a group discussion to contribute to the review process.

Depending on your work and goals, you might consider having a portfolio review if:

  • you need feedback on a specific photo project;
  • you feel stuck in your project and need an outside look to find out what ­direction to take;
  • you need advice on how to finish your project – an exhibition, installation, photobook, etc.;
  • you have very different photo series and need advice on how to select and/or organize them in one portfolio.

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dienacht — a “three-headed night creature”

dienacht calls themselves a “three-headed night creature” as the collective works in three directions: a publishing house, a magazine and an educational platform.

dienacht means “night” and we are interested in everything hidden, shadowed, unknown. We seek to find it and reveal in the form of a photobook.

All these are focused on photography, visual arts and photography books. Within the °Lab they are offering photobook publishing workshops, project mentoring and curation.

dienacht Photobook Workshop map spans across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. In the past 10 years they have hosted numerous photobook making workshops in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, France, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Mexico.

dienacht is known for carefully crafted, often hand-bound books, limited and collector editions. We may say, their style is recognizable to some extent while every publication is unique and noticeably involves a lot of editing, creative and design effort. These books offer a variety of experiments with material, finishing and form, exploring and developing the medium.

The Two behind

This three-headed creature is alive thanks to two people behind: Calin and Yana Kruse.

Calin is a graphic designer, photographer, founder and maker of dienacht Magazine and Publishing. He curates guest talks, lectures, makes photobook workshops and masterclasses around the world and reviews portfolios for photography and photobook festivals.

Yana is the editor and curator at dienacht. Studied Linguistics and Literature and has five-year experience of photo­graphy curatororship at Lumière Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow. During this time, she curated over 15 exhibitions and edited several photobooks.

Practical info:

  • Participants: 8 (+ unlimited number of viewers without active participation);
  • Timing: 2 — 7pm, 5 hours total


  • Intro about dienacht: 15 min;
  • Review of each participant: 30 min  (4 hours in total);
  • Break: 15 min
  • Q&A: 20 min

Price options:

  • Active participant: 80€ (70€ for early bird booking by March 6);
  • Viewer: 15€ (10€ for early bird booking by March 6).

Application guidelines:

After the Active participation fee is paid, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to the application form (please check your spam folder).

  1. No less than 20 jpeg low-res images per project).
  2. Short description of your project.
  3. What specific aspects of your project do you need feedback/advice on? What do you struggle with?
  4. Your website / social media profile with photographic work, if there is one.
Please apply until 11 March — you will need to upload your photo project
or a portfolio of works you want to get feedback on.


Participation format

Active Participant, Viewer


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