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Photobook by Freya Copeland
Published by Replika Publishing

This is the expanded second edition with new special features, including a new Essay by Anna Hanlon.

Footfalls Echo explores loneliness and disconnection suffered in major modern cities in a time of increased promise and opportunity of wider personal interaction created by the internet and social media platforms.

The book is bound and presented like a personal diary, tracing movements, and thoughts through a city promising to be your friend while at the same time rejecting you at each turn. The three distinct image styles present the viewer with three modes of connecting with place, the endeavor being to come to terms with this unrealized attempt.

Footfalls Echo is a photobook comprised of 63 pages with 31 color photographs and 27 black and white photographs. All photographs were shot in and around New York City in 2015 on two Olympus AX1’s and a Nexus 5 smartphone with the exception of 6 medium format color still life shots in Berlin from a Mamiya 67rb.

205×144 mm
80 pages, hand smyth sewn binding, digital offset printing in full color with a 16-page stitch and knot hand-bound insert booklet
Munken Print Cream 90 gsm and 115 gsm
First edition: 2018, it is sold out
This edition: 2019

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