Et dans la terre, je me souviens


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A photobook by Maya Louhichi

“Et dans la terre, je me souviens” (And in the land, I remember) is a posthumous photo dialogue between a daughter and a father who both share the love for the Tunisian land and for the Image.

I started this project after the death of my father in 2018 when I found out in a ring binder several archive images he had left behind. He was a film director.
We both shared the love of the picture and it seemed necessary to me to speak out about his death and the impact of this loss on my daily life.
I chose to mix black and white images taken mostly by me and color archive images taken by him. These photos thus became a precious material that I incorporate into my own creation. They show the Tunisian land here, the land where I grew up.

By working on the representation of mourning and absence I noticed that I was afraid of losing part of my identity as well.
I am French by my mother and Tunisian by my father who is not here anymore.
Where are my memories ? Who am I now ? And where am I going ?
So I cling to these images of a colorful past that no longer exists and that’s not even mine, because they were made before I was born.
But I choose to make them my own by mixing them with my childhood and teenage years memories in Tunisia.

These back and forth between past and present express a space-time where I no longer have my landmarks.

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Size: 15,50cm x 23cm
Number of pages: 132
Print run: 100
Year of publication: 2023
Publisher: Arabesques Editions Tunisia



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