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Self-published photobook by Axel Auréjac

This book questions the way skateboarding can disturb public policies by unveiling the real face of Havana. By banning the practice, the government is strengthening the cohesion of skaters on the island further.

They spend their days in the contrasting streets of Havana, dreaming of a free life; skateboarding is a means to escape everyday difficulties. They seek openness to the world and emancipation from control policy. Many of them would like to leave Cuba but it is not possible with an average salary of 20 euro per month, a strict migration limitation, and an invitation letter abroad as a required condition. So, while waiting for their lucky star, the one that will lead them to discover the world, they consume life. They play with everything that is prohibited, such as skateboarding.

Havana is the capital of an island with no escape for them. The city which seems so beautiful at first glance, surrounded by turquoise waters and lives in buildings with colonialist architecture, hides a very complicated life.

96 pages
Off-set printing on 170 gr paper
Saddle stitch
Soft-touch embossed cover
Printed in Europe





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