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by Tono Arias
published with Dispara

The book is Shorlisted at ARLES Author Book Award 2019.

Encarnados (2006-2019) is a photographic project about the Galician carnival (Entroido) in which Tono Arias has been working for more than a decade.

This project is a collection of a heterogeneous set of images, gathered on a series of three photobooks: Encarnados, DesXeo, and Preto, as well as a limited postcard box, bringing forth the result of Arias research, radical in its formal conception and ambitious in its temporal extension.

DesXeo_Tono_Arias from DISPARA books on Vimeo.

The series is formed by three enigmatic photographic essays, characterized by its originality, the singularity of its design and the careful editing, that attempt to disrupt the limits of the documentary narrative.

With Encarnados, the author invites us to a visual journey as absurd, ironic, messy and anarchic as the Entroido itself.

“Bodies covered in white powder. Powder that cleans, purifies, restarts the rite and the festivity. A collective catharsis, a session of natural psychotherapy. Like water in the thaw, flour crosses the bodies causing multiple sensations, giving rise to images, emotional and abstract, full of perplexity and uncertainty. A look of astonishment, intuitive. Close sensory experiences that rest trapped in fragments of artificial light.”

DesXeo. Tono Arias

Book edition — ©2019 Dispara
Photographs and design: ©2019 Tono Arias
Text: Antón Lopo
Translation: David Barreiro
Printing: Rodi
Binding: Legatoria


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