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self-published by Marina Feldhues

The book is about the relationships between the viewer and the exhibition environments. The images were taken at the International Biennial of Art of São Paulo in 2018, in Brazil.

The book was on display at the 50th Arles International Photography Festival 2019.

A catalog is a souvenir of exhibitions and here converted into main work.

In an environment of exaggerated visual culture, the book becomes civil disobedience, one must touch to see the images. Touch comes before the act of seeing.

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About the book from the Marina Feldhues’ website:


“When we come across the work of F., we have the privilege of sharing experiences. Catalog is of an imprecise and hybrid nature, a mixture of diverse media and artistic languages, such as photography, drawing, the book, and the installation, in a game of words, attitudes and ironies regarding the Art system.
Starting from photos made with the cell phone, F. recreates manipulated, repetitive, dry and transparent images through treatment software. Scenes denudated of an opaque, signical system that hierarchically orders and determines the possible actions of our bodies in this non-place that is the traditional exhibition environment. Such scenes are incarnated in this material body which is Catalog, a typical souvenir of artistic exhibitions, here diverted from its normative functions.
In the creation of the work, F. has traced paths that involved attention, gestures, wanderings, accidents, deviations of route, times and setbacks, chance, help from several people, luck, airplanes, entrance tickets, hundreds of books and extremely calculated, including financially, previous plans. Catalog is the fruit of all that, its texture and flesh is a plot of political, ethical and aesthetic positions (some being aware of, others not so much) assumed by F.
On the edge of contemplation, the hand. Browse, stop, run. Enjoy this book with or without imperatives, despite the signs.”
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