CABRAMATTA: A Moment in Time


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Photobook by Markus Andersen
Published with T&G Publishing

Signed book + Signed print edition of 250 copies.

The first 250 copies of the book will come with a free Type-C print 152mm x 203mm (6 x 8) and a signed book by the photographer.

Cabramatta is not your typical Australian suburb. If you took a stroll through the streets of this south-western Sydney hub, you may feel like you are in Southeast Asia. However, the suburb of Cabramatta is emblematic of modern Australia – urban, busy and brimming with multicultural activity.

Sydney photographer Markus Andersen has captured this melting pot of cultures in his distinctive, street photography style. His raw, sometimes playful images show the uniquely diverse and human side of Cabramatta, seizing little moments of beauty in everyday life.

A year in the life of one of Australia’s most vivid multicultural communities, suspended in the amber of Markus Andersen’s lens.

In this new series, Markus Andersen has photographed more than the ordinary moments of suburban life. His images capture scents and sounds, vivid shades and intricate patterns, people lost in their thoughts, looking away or gazing at the camera with pride. His photographs reveal the complex and enchanting essence of a suburb that hardly divulges itself. Claire Monneraye

Images of Another Magic City by Claire Monneraye is Curator at the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, responsible for solo and group exhibitions of Australian and international artists. In 2016 she curated Markus Andersen’s Rage Against The Light exhibition. Monneraye previously managed exhibitions at the Centre Georges Pompidou and the prestigious Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais in Paris, where her projects included a Louise Bourgeois retrospective and Monumenta by Anish Kapoor.

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