Butterflies and Caterpillars (Funding on Kickstarter)

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photobook by Ardelle Schneider

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Butterflies and Caterpillars gives an intimate look at today’s US drag scene. The photographic examination deals, among other things, with the meaning of identity and the construction of a self apart from gender-specific role expectations. Over a longer period of time, the protagonists were accompanied in their everyday life and photographed in private moments as well as during their performances. In addition to the act of transformation, the duality of man, which is determined by the image of self-design and the image of the outside, is addressed. Does clothing change our behavior and how much does it reveal something from the inside out? How does outward appearance affect how we appear to others? What is behind all the layers?

The medium of photography served me as a means of revealing the intricacies of the characters hidden behind the loud masquerade.

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