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Photobook by David Gonçalves

“Aleixo” is the portrait of the last days of one of the most historic districts of Porto. Known as the largest drug supermarket in the North of the country, the Aleixo neighborhood is a social neighborhood consisting of 5 Towers, with 13 floors and a privileged location for the Douro River. In 2011, the Oporto City Hall, led by Rui Rio’s executive, began the demolition process with the implosion of tower 5. The main argument given by the chamber executive was drug trafficking. As part of a special political project for public-private investment, the Porto City Hall hands over the land to the Invesurb Real Estate Fund for the construction of luxury housing. The long process has left the oppressed neighborhood in a visible inferno of living putrescence, exposed to everyone’s eyes. With the neighborhood condemned to the end, the towers degrade, the elevators damaged, the residents have witnessed for years the compulsive resignation of the state. “Aleixo” is the story of a condemned neighborhood, of families abandoned to their fate, in a struggle against the powers of the county, the police authorities, and real estate speculation.

50 b&w photos
104 pages
b&w print
27×21 cm
edition of 250

ISBN: 978-989-20-8927-0

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