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A Year With The Leica M3


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by Dominique Pierre-Nina

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Dominique says about the book:

“The reason behind this project A year with the Leica M3 is because I wanted to spend a whole year with one camera and to liberate myself with all the technical aspect that can get in the way.

In today’s world, everything is instantaneous and it has made our lives easier in some aspect. The M3 or any other type of camera, car or any other mechanically design item takes us back to another world and period where those things were cherished, loved and enjoyed.

Using the M3 is to be present in the moment. Also, the M3 is an iconic piece of engineering and I gave my appreciation for its timeless design and simplicity and respect for the craftsman who made it.

I like to think of my photographs as uncomplicated, dreamy, elegant and romantic.”

Bellamy Hunt aka Japan Camera Hunter writes in his review:

“The initial impression one gets from the cover of this book would be that the ensuing pages will reveal a technical homage to the legendary camera. Yet it is so much more as we are treated to thought-provoking photos that work individually and collectively that find beauty in the mundane.


The compositions are elegant and Dominique’s sharp eye for form and plays in shadow are in full display. The print quality is also very nice, I only wish the book was bigger.”

From the article on Leicaphilia:

“… Some guy loves his M3 and wants to show others what he’s done with it. Given the parameters set by the author’s presentation, that’s the extent of what I expected, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Instead, I found a holistic work of real effect, thought-provoking photos that work individually and collectively, clearly the product of someone who has learned the art of seeing the beauty in everyday things.

The book is more than just a collection of individual photographs; Mr. Pierre-Nina has purposefully sequenced them (I assume) so that the impact of the work is a function both of the photographs as individual works and as one larger work created by the body of photographs sequenced and presented as a coherent whole.”

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