Vacilando Bookshop, Withit Chanthamarit (TH)

Vacilando Bookshop
an online independently selected bookshop which displays photobooks and artbooks of various artists and publications from different countries.

In 2019, by using the physical bookshop space, Vacilando Bookshop also creates events related to Photography through discussion panels and artist’s talks during Photobook lunch or Photobook Showcase to communicate and share perspectives with domestic photographers and people in the community.

Pavlo Dorohoi (UA)

I really love the photobook as a form. Like a medium. The book can be an exhibition. It can give the project new facets and meanings. My first book, Diary 1937, received a positive response at several European fairs and festivals. I really want to create interesting books in which the form will complement and reveal the content.

Michel Mazzoni (BE)

I am a visual artist living in Brussels. I have edited a few books, about ten.

I prepare an image selection, I think about what I want according to my work. Then, as far as the graphic design goes, we meet with the graphic designer and think together on what will correspond best in relation to the images. I work with Manu Blondiau ( in Brussels, and, for my two last books, Luc Derycke studio in Ghent.

I do my impressions at Cassochrome in Waregem (BE) when it is more than 150 copies. Otherwise for small self-published prints, I work with Repro nl.

T&G Publishing, Gianni Frinzi (IT)

Creating a Dialogue With Photographers.

Australian-based award-winning T&G Publishing specializes in establishing a creative dialogue with the acclaimed photographers they publish. Using the finest design and most advanced printing practices, T&G are committed to showcasing elite photographic art.
As a measure of the global recognition of the quality of T&G’s creative publishing of photography, Australian artist Max Pam’s “Atlas Monographs” was awarded the Best Photographic Book of the Year, International Category prize at the 2010 PHotoEspaña International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts, in Madrid, Spain.

All T&G photographic books reflect the close collaboration we establish with the artist, whose body of work is presented in our books. We believe this relationship is vital in ensuring that whatever books we publish echo faithfully the photographer’s vision.


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