Serge Levy (US)

I am a writer and photographer based in Tucson, Arizona (USA).

My writing has been published in LensCulture and PDN and I have worked on exhibition and book introductions for Wayne Gudmundson’s “What Place Is This?” and David Zheng’s “Reveries.” Future projects include an essay to introduce Carla Pohl’s book “Echo Noise.”

I have also written reviews of Peter Van Agtmael’s book “Buzzing at the Sill,” Richard Sandler’s “End Time City,” and Brian Young’s “The Train” for LensCulture. I am interested in writing book/zine introductions for artists/photographers whose work I understand and connect with.

Please feel free to contact me for writing samples, rates and to discuss your project further to see if we are a good match.

Australian & New Zealand Photobook Awards, Libby Jeffery (AU)

The Australia & New Zealand Photobook Award hosted by Momento Pro, celebrates excellence, originality and ‘fitness for purpose’ in photo book creation, while the cash and print prizes help local artists produce publications and progress their photographic career.

Since 2011 prizes valued at $137,000 have been distributed to 155 finalists whose work has been showcased in a travellng exhibition and print catalogues that are distributed to photo book communities, critics, and media across the world.

Claude Somot (FR)

I am a French photographer born in 1983 currently based in Metz.
My photographic work was born at the same time as my studies in foreign languages ​​and during many trips. Self-taught, I have been passionate about this medium since my adolescence.

Working mainly in film, he refuses immediacy and comfort during my travels trying to immerse oneself in the heart of the experience ; my photographs then becoming the result: a language built in wandering.
My work follows a consistent thread, often to places where the state has retreated for reasons political or / and economic reasons, places where humans regain their rights by reclaiming space and creating strong bonds.

When not traveling, I work with children or young adults, carrying out workshops, using photography as a means of expression.

My work is linked to people, exile, migration and storytelling.

I am currently doing a project on my origins and really want it to have a book form.


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